Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sullivan Heights Technology Innovation Grant- A Time For Reflection

          As we near the end of the school year, and by extension the end of our Technology Innovation Grant, I was recently interviewed by one of the teachers who was instrumental in applying for, and gathering evidence in support of the grant, including evidence of innovative technologies and/or teaching practices that Sullivan Heights teachers have integrated into their classrooms.
          I must admit, I was initially quite hesitant to engage in the interview process, especially as it was being recorded for inclusion in a larger presentation. And quite honestly, my first thought was,
          "I don't really think I've done that much this year..."
          I cautioned Nicole that I hadn't prepared anything specifically for the interview, and that as it was 7:20am, I wasn't sure how animated and/or coherent I would actually be. Much to my surprise, however, as Nicole led me through a series of questions on topics ranging from my use of webnode, to Twitter, to iPad Apps, to emailing parents and students through Mastergrade, and embarking on student led conferences, the interview was over before I knew it. With a distinct feeling of relief and confidence in the power of Nicole's editing capabilities, I didn't give the process any further thought.
          Until, that is, Nicole sent me the youtube link to my interview. And quite honestly, my first thought was,
          "Holy cow, I've done a lot this year!"
          As teachers, we don't really get much "down time" to meaningfully reflect on our teaching practices. And we certainly don't often have individuals who are interested enough that they want to interview us about them! Although I did initially feel somewhat self conscious and awkward, probably much in the same way my students do when I ask them to reflect on their learning, I am now very thankful to have been "forced" to reflect on the professional growth and learning opportunities that I have given this year. Although this blog offers me an opportunity to examine and comment on various activities and experiences, I don't often take the opportunity to read back over my entries once they have been posted.
           This interview process afforded me the insight that my participation in the sd36 Digital Learning Series and my various technology initiatives in support of our Technology Innovation Grant have empowered me, and by extension my students,  in ways that I couldn't have imagined in September. Having now been provided with a much needed opportunity to look back over a year of change, challenge and innovation, I can look ahead to further learning, exploration and growth for the 2013-14 school year.      

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