Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Heart of a School

          Today was my last day as Acting Vice Principal at Sullivan Heights Secondary. It is difficult to put into words all that I have learned in this past month and half. It has been an amazingly rewarding and enlightening experience. I was privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside two dedicated and caring Vice Principals, Bob Whitham and Sue Beyer, whose unending hard work and consummate professionalism sustained our school during a challenging transitional period. But ultimately, in addition to my admiration for our administration team during this time, what was most enlightening was the confirmation of what I had only a glimpse of as a classroom teacher; that behind the scenes of a thriving school community there is a whole army of staff that is ultimately quietly responsible for much of the success of a school.
         This "army" rarely gets the recognition that they so truly deserve. They are the clerical and janitorial staff, the safe school liaisons and the youth care workers who so diligently and efficiently  work together as a team to ensure that teachers, counsellors and administrators have everything that they need to do their best work. They expertly support our students, answer our unending questions, maintain our over taxed facilities, listen to our endless complaints, organize our numerous events, schedule and reschedule our meetings and maintain our security, on top of numerous other responsibilities. At Sullivan Heights, this team is a family. They are the heart of our school. And for the past month and half, they welcomed me into their family and have given me their full support as I transitioned from classroom teacher to Acting Vice Principal. By doing what they do best, in addition to the support of my school and district colleagues, it made it possible for me to do my best. And for that, I am thankful.



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