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Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

One More Thing

We all get a little lost sometimes. We lose sight of our purpose, our goals. We get bogged down in the minutia of our busy days and frustrated by seemingly unending demands on our time and energy.

In education, there is always "one more thing". The latest trend, technology or curriculum change. These pressures explain why as "back to school" approaches, my teacher friends are sharing posts filled with a mixture of excitement-tinged anticipation... and anxious dread. And why at the end of June, one of my admin colleagues shared that his goal for the school year had simply been "to survive". Disheartening, perhaps. But understandable. This job can be overwhelming at times. And sometimes we can lose our way...

So as the school year begins, how can we balance our responsibility (yes, responsibility) to facilitate and embrace innovation and change, and the very real sense of fatigue and frustration that is often voiced by educators? As someone who wants to continue to support and facilitate growth in my school community and district, how can I justify adding "one more thing"?

Here's how...

Such a gift.
I ran into one of my old students today. This is a rarity for me, as I've changed schools and districts. More often than not, I send a student on their way at the end of grade 12 and I never see them again. So today was a gift. Not only because I got to see this particular student, who gave me a huge smile and an even bigger hug. But because sometimes I lose my way a little bit too. I get bogged down in the minutia of my day. I feel overwhelmed and anxious.

So with the school year about to begin, today's chance encounter was an incredible reminder of why I continue to push myself to do more. To do better. And why I continue to encourage and support my staff to take on "one more thing". Today I was reminded that I helped shape who this young man had become...

You see, every single day, we make a difference. We impact the lives of children. We help shape the future. What an incredible privilege. But with that privilege comes a responsibility. The responsibility and willingness to take on "one more thing", to embrace change, to move forward with intentionality and purpose. It can be overwhelming. And exhausting. But take a look at that young man's smile...
It is so worth it. 

So if you discover at some point this year that you have lost your way, I hope, like me, you are given this gift. This reminder of why we do what we do. And I hope that helps you to find your way back. Because our students need us. And for that reason, I will continue to do one more thing.

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