Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Connect. Collaborate. Risk. Innovate.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Leading NOW

Our quiet leaders. 
Earlier this week I was fortunate to be able to attend a school board meeting where two groups of students presented to trustees on diverse and important issues. Under fairly intimidating circumstances, these students were poised, passionate and articulate. I was incredibly proud. But at one point in the evening, I heard someone say to one of the younger students who presented, "You will be a fine leader one day." And it struck me- this student wouldn't just be a fine leader "one day". They were leading now.

In my own school community, there are numerous examples of student leaders. Although it's often the students in more formal roles like Student Council that are recognized as leaders, I see students leading every single day.

They lead by holding the door open for another student. They lead by volunteering to set out chairs for an assembly. They lead by picking up garbage in the hallway. They lead by being kind to a new student. They lead by example. So as much as I'm incredibly proud of our students who organize our clubs and lead our ceremonies, I'm equally as proud of our quiet leaders. They are not just preparing to be the leaders of tomorrow...They are leading now.
Not just future leaders. Leading NOW. 

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